New LingQ functions - Filters in Library

I like new LingQ, but still I can’t manage to use it.

I would like to use “Filter” which is in the right part in the Library section.
I chose a category, type, level and accent…then what should I do to see result of the filter? Never anything happens!

I’m sorry if some has asked about it already, but there are so many comments so I couldn’t find it.

Hi Yasuko!
I’m also a member who have been struggling with the New LingQ Library. You can choose category and type, then you can find the “serch result” button at the bottom of the menu. Click it and you can see the 15 lessons on the screen. I think these filtered 15 lesson are at randam, if you want to see other lesson, do it again.
You don’t need to use the filter of “level” and “accent”, because most of the lessons in the library are not checked “level” and “accent”.

If you want to understand how to use the New Library in Japanese, go to LingQCentral. There are some explanations about new LingQ in Japanese.
Hope this help. Gambatte kudasai.


If you set the filters, they affect the results on all shelves. Shelves with no results do not show. Please don’t use the level filter. It is not working yet. The accent filter is also not going to give much in the way of results because most lessons have not had an accent assigned. Only if content providers indicate an accent, will it be displayed by the filter.

At any rate, the filters are a bit confusing in combination with the shelf so we are going to be moving the filters to the general search page shortly. We should have this change done in the next few days or so.