New LingQ App Launched. Check out LingQ for iOS 4.0!

Since we first launched a LingQ app for iOS way back in 2010, it’s been a very popular add-on to our web functionality. The new LingQ 4.0 app for iOS has now taken the app to another level. Like the previous app, LingQ 4.0 has been designed for both iPhone and iPad, and let’s you learn languages the LingQ way wherever you are. The difference is now, in LingQ 4.0, you really don’t need to come to the web app at all for any of the core LingQ functionality.

You’ll notice a completely new design and the new paged interface to match the look and feel of the new web interface. You can access your Feed or search the Library to find new content to study. You can add lessons to your Playlist, which is now synced across devices and to the web, so you can listen to your lessons conveniently.

New features include the ability to see and LingQ Related Phrases, phrases that other members have previously LingQ’d, and the ability to tap on both blue and yellow words within LingQ’d phrases. Just tap a word within a phrase to see it’s blue or yellow widget. You can also now see your stats widget, follow your progress towards your targets, manually update your statistics if necessary and see your avatar.

Regarding the Reader, you’ll be happy to know that your lesson location and progress is now synced between the web and mobile apps so no matter where you are and what device you are using, you can pick up your lesson where you left off without missing a beat. Also, vocabulary review activities now include all four integrated activities just like the new web version - flashcards, cloze tests, multiple choice and dictation. You can now access all your LingQs on the app in the new Vocabulary section. Not even available on the web yet, the new Vocabulary section allows you to filter lists of LingQs to review using the new activities.

Last but not least you can keep track of your current learning streak, the number of days you in a row you have met your LingQs target, and you can see how many avatar coins you are earning as you create LingQs and move words to Known.

Learn how the app works here - LingQ iOS App Support - How to learn languages using LingQ for mobile.

As always, let us know what you think. And, if you like it, please take the time to give us a 5 star review!


Hi Mark, a question: will the app on my iPhone be updated automatically?

The previous version of the app was really bad. Now it looks awesome, thank you for the hard work! I now honestly believe that the site worths what i am spending.

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Very nice job!

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When will there be a update like this for Android?

I think it depends on your settings. If you have apps set to update automatically, it will. Otherwise, you can go to the Updates tab in your App Store app and you should see the LingQ app in the list where you can click the Update button.

We are working on the Android App. But, it’s still a few months away.

I can’t find lessons. It’s confusing. I tried to use the beginner to advance slider thing. But it only pops up couple of new lessons. ?

Hey Mark, is it possible, on vocabulary section, to only study words/phrases included in the same ‘tag’ group? For instance, I create a tag (phrasalverbs), and I wanna see only them, there is a filter like that?


@Josem22 - We haven’t yet added the tags as filters but we hope to do so soon. The other filters are available when you tap the filters icon to the right of the search field.

@robertgero - That sounds very strange. What language are you in? Are you on the Feed or in New Lessons/Courses? Are you saying that when you have the same settings set on the web, you see a lot of results and on the mobile app you don’t?

Will it work on an iPod?

Ipod touch, i mean

It should, as long as your iPod touch is recent enough. If the app store lets you download it, it will work.

Ok, thank you. By the way it looks AMAZING

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The new App is fantastic; I love it, thank you!


Ok.Thanks…and again, congratulations, the new version is absolutely amazing.

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We appreciate all the thanks and congratulations from everyone! We really do think the new app is revolutionary. If you have the time, it would really help us out to get some more 5 star reviews for this version. I think that would result in Apple promoting our app more in their store and therefore help us spread the word about LingQ. Thanks in advance!

“The previous version of the app was really bad. Now it looks awesome,”

I don’t get it. All the comments sound too good to be true. Nobody seems to have found anything to complain about. Very strange. To tell you the truth, I was shocked when I found my iPhone had automatically updated to 4.0. I have changed the settings, but it’s too late now. Maybe I will get used to it at some point, but it takes time. Annoying as it is, just like having to click on “Classic” every time I go to the website to study, I don’t think i will update to the new iPad app version. Maybe the new version can do more things, but I don’t want to have to find out and learn things all over again. It doesn’t help to have an app that “looks awesome”, I want to be able to continue studying the way I’m used to. How many times has this happened before? I really liked the previous version of the app. Again: I REALLY LIKED THE PREVIOUS VERSION OF THE APP.

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I’m sorry you aren’t enjoying the new app. Others, myself included, are not simply saying we think the app looks better. We also think it is better in all aspects and I know I use it now way more than I did in the past.

The fact is that we have to keep trying to improve LingQ to get more people to like it. However, we do realize our changes aren’t perfect. So, the most helpful thing would be for you to let us know what about the new app isnt working for you. We have some ideas but your feedback, as a long time user, would be very helpful in trying to make sure we do make it work well for both existing and new users.