New LingQ 5.0 update and other issues?

Not sure what you mean. Please read this thread again. (There are also 3 others if you search for “5.0” where basically it’s the same story, going on for around a year now - same points repeated over and over again in all 4 threads. And, well…same answers). Not even sure why I am replying to this.

The new version not being sold as a reason to upgrade? There are at least a few people who literally wrote precisely this (The last thread even started because of this lol). If I paste a reply from 7 ! months ago: " I purchased my annual membership because I thought 5.0 was imminent, I hope they still plan to launch soon "
And of course, Steve going on other YouTuber’s channels videos which now have hundreds of thousands of views and making promises…what else is this if not selling? …but I already touched on this in my original post.

Let me repeat again that I personally think LingQ is functional, I use it almost every day now and it gets the job done. It is my main learning tool so that says it all. Then there come the details and the “well-meaning harsh” feedback: One of the main things that bothered me was promises without results. But after reading only a few threads on the forum I basically just wanted to (once again- others already tried this in the past) encourage the development side of things. I believe the idea behind LingQ is amazing, so it’s sad to see that it’s not being used to its full potential. Seeing users being frustrated to the point they are forced to switch languages, waiting for a new update to start using it again, … And of course then all other issues with new languages, lack of updates, communication, …

This reply (this whole thread) was probably completely unnecessary since all of the concerns/issues have at this point been repeated so many times by different users that it’s getting extremely repetitive. There are in total probably 50-100 users in these 4 threads alone who are(were) not happy with something (comments, likes). Your last reply gives me the feeling you still don’t even want to see them and what they had to say. As another user already pointed out " it’s a bit annoying when you defend your way of things in the comments. " … We are just going round in circles.
So far in all my 3 posts, I haven’t even necessarily said anything new, since every single “point” I wrote has already been said by at least a few unique users…). So I am now going to stop here.

To sum up…I guess what it all boils down to is just get 5.0 finally done ASAP and everyone will be happy :slight_smile:

well done, totally agree

In all of this, there is one thing I didn’t understand - it may just be because I only occasionally check this forum, sorry if that’s the case.

Slightly more than one year ago (April 2020) I came to know that a language that I was interested in was going to be added relatively soon (summer 2020). Since then, nothing happened. I once got told that the reason is that they plan to add it on LingQ 5.0.

But if one year has passed, wouldn’t it be better to just add it (and the other languages that were going to come, if any) to the existing version that is working? After all, as you wait to have the new version ready, a functioning service exists.

I think I got told that this is not being done because the team is focused on the new version. Ok, but… I guess it is not the developers working on the new languages, and it is not the language-people working on the development of the new version, right?
I don’t have this clear, maybe someone can help me understand

Yes, sorry all new languages have had to be delayed. The fact is that adding new languages does require developer time. The content is already prepared by our community volunteers. So we can’t afford to spend time on other languages for the moment. We hope to begin adding languages again once we launch our new version. Unfortunately, developer time is limited and we have to make choices on where they will spend their time.

Wait, so when LingQ 5.0 comes out, other languages like Vietnamese won’t come out right away, it will take a while still? I really want to learn vietnamese with LingQ

Yes, that’s right. We’ll try to do it as soon as we can but the languages will not come out with the new version. They would have to be added after.

I see. This is important to know because I think most people are assuming that all those languages will be released at the same time that 5.0 comes out. You mentioned that the beta would be out hopefully in about 3 months (almost one month ago now, so like two months). Do you have an estimate of when the languages will come out…? Are we talking weeks after, months after, years after…?

Sorry no estimates but we will try our best to have those other languages out by the end of the year.

Thanks, we are excited and will help if you need, just reach out to the community.

Is two months from now still a relatively accurate timeframe for 5.0 beta?

Yes, nothing has changed so far with regard to our timeline.

So I guess I will possibly subscribe again by the end of the year. This is the most ridiculous roll out I have ever experienced. It has been nothing but delay after delay followed by excuse after excuse. I really enjoy the technique employed by LingQ, but will no longer support this company with my money. It is bad enough that I am paying you to have a community of volunteers develop the materials, but now there is this. There are multiple threads where it was clearly stated that the new languages would be added with the roll out of 5.0 and I was even directly emailed saying that the language I am working on would be available early this year. Maybe if other customers start responding the same way this company will get their act together. Other customers can make their own choices but this guy will no longer pay.

@ricedj1 - I understand where you might be frustrated since you are eagerly awaiting your new language to be added. Keep in mind that all new languages we add get very little usage and do not cover the costs of us adding them. We add them as a gesture of goodwill for the community. We will get to those languages when we can but first have to focus on things that benefit all users. Please be patient.

Why not just post the mini stories separately? Make a forum post with links to access the text and audio stories . It would be a good middle ground solution. A Google Drive link with the stories for each coming language shouldn’t take more than an hour to create, and that way people can begin studying the language on their own.

I’m guessing that would please most folks. I’d be fine with that route. Vietnamese is so scare on resources, I’m just eager to study the mini stories, and it sucks that they’re finished but I can’t use them to study. I can wait on using the app to study Vietnamese, but the mini stories would be a huge boon.

I personally am very satisfied with this answer and am happy that you engage with the community - thanks :blush:

this is just getting daft, delay after delay. Looking more like a scam everyday. What happened to the 3 months?

So another delay then?

@marlene666 Don’t get me wrong, but so far you have left 15 messages on the forum and all 15 are angry comments about the LingQ 5.0 update.
As mentioned several times on the forum, we are doing the best and fastest we can. Our mistake was announcing the 5.0 a bit too early, but there were no bad intentions. As Mark noted above all new languages we add get very little usage, so you have to understand why adding new languages is lower on the priority list compared to other things we are working on.
@thechillgrill If you are interested in Vietnamese stories, please contact me on support(at)

Yes I am angry because of the continual delays and change in time scale. If this is going to take another two years then say so. This is not just a couple of weeks late. Also until recently there were no responses to queries about the delays.
As for new languages I can understand that there has not been a large uptake, few people will want to learn Languages such as Bulgarian, Ukrainian Croation Catalan etc (With all respect to these languages but which are not world languages) Put on a language such as Hindi which is the 4th most spoken language and found all over the world then you will find a strong uptake.
Thank you

“Put on a language such as Hindi which is the 4th most spoken language and found all over the world then you will find a strong uptake.”

Don’t be so sure. Arabic is the 6th most common language and there are only 13 people in the June 90-day challenge, and Mandarin (the 2nd most common overall and 4th most common L2 language) only has 26. The same challenge has 70 for Spanish, 54 for English, 33 for Russian, 55 for Japanese, 58 for German, and 66 for French. Even Korean, with 16, and Italian, with 23, have more than Arabic in spite of being far smaller than the top 10 world languages.

Worldwide usage does not translate directly into interest on LingQ.