New letters in German, English and French collection

I have just added the English and German version of my latest French text(s). It’s neat that we can add a little explanation in the ‘Translation’ box.

German version: Briefe aus meinem kleinen Cottage - LingQ Language Library

English version: Letters from my cottage in England - LingQ Language Library

French version: 01 - Lettres de mon petit cottage en Angleterre - LingQ Language Library

@SanneT - The content looks good but I don’t see any added translations. Did you add those?

No, only a little explanation in the English version. (I did some word-for-word translations for the German beginners stuff I wrote a couple of weeks ago. There I added them as comments.)

I just checked lesson no. 6 (English version). The explanation is under Resources, English.

Actually, the purpose of the English, French, German Resources is to show a translation. However, I do agree that it is a good place to display notes and more convenient than the current Notes function using the forum. We will look at adding a that type of Notes field. And, yes, it makes not sense to have an English translation for an English lesson! :slight_smile: We’ll iron out the wrinkles…