New Lessons Tab

In yet another small adjustment to our navigation, we have changed the name of the Courses tab to Lessons and added a Courses link in the submenu. We’re not trying to confuse you all, I promise! :slight_smile: We felt that the navigation was still a little confusing.

We found that many new users were being confused by the previous navigation and were not easily able to find the Courses list. There are a number of other small changes that were implemented at the same time that you may or may not notice but which are again designed to improve navigability. As well, quite a few bug fixes were uploaded including the ability to retake deleted lessons from the Library.

Finally, we’ve added the recent posts list to the sidebar for all pages in the Forum and we’ve added a Dutch Forum for our Dutch keeners, you know who you are! As always, let us know if you come across and problems or if you have any feedback.