New Lessons section replaces Learn - Home

Today on the site, you will notice the Learn - Home page is now simply called Lessons. There is no longer a dropdown menu in the navigation from which you could select Home, Challenges and Vocabulary. Instead you simply click on Lessons. Once there, you have access to the Challenges and Review LingQs (formerly Vocabulary) buttons in the sidebar at right.
More importantly, you can now manage all your lessons and lesson related activities here on one page. No longer do you have to toggle between the Course Library, Feed and Getting Started and deal with different interfaces for all these pages. Now, on the Lessons page, you can tab between these options including a few others and you stay on the same page throughout. We feel this flow is much clearer and logical.
We have also included the ability to customize your experience on the Lessons page. Since this is your home page on the site, you now have the ability to determine what you want to see here. Just click on Settings to set up the page the way you like it. Some of you like to see the new content unearthed by the Feed, others prefer to see your current courses like you used to see in LingQ 3.0. Just choose the options you want to see in your tabs and star the tab you want to default too. You can even hide the Recent Lessons section if you want.
Not a beginner? Replace the Beginners tab with the Imports tab to have quick access to only your imported lessons.
As always, let us know what you think. These changes were largely based on feedback we got from you after pushing the previous version. We think the page is much improved now but let us know how you find it!

I should also mention that there is an issue right now preventing content imported within the last few months from showing up in My Courses/Lessons. We are working on this. For now, you can find this content in the Classic pages. Sorry about that.

Nice to see progress. So far, I have only one issue: I could definitely use a “remove course” button on a course panel in the My Courses tab (especially seeing how lessons already have this button).

That is in our list, but, in the meantime, if you remove all lessons from a course, it will be removed from your list.

I like it. And I also like having the feed showing what others are studying. I missed that when it disappeared a number of updates ago.

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I like this too. But I would love to see the lessons I’ve shared in this feed too. Maybe it could become an option in the settings to show them too.

I just wanted to say that this is a great update and basically solves the difficulties I was having with the other format. This is a great mesh between the Feed of what others are studying (I have found multiple things this ay and really appreciate this feature) and the ability to quickly go back to Courses. Additionally, the ability to customize was a great addition.

Really great works LingQ team and hope you have a great New Years.


That will be tough to do Vera. Right now, the feed only shows lessons you haven’t taken. Why do you want to see your own lessons there? Is it to see how popular your lessons are and how often they are being liked and completed? If so, we are thinking we should just provide these statistics either daily or weekly in an email so you can see how active your lessons are.

I’m interested in how popular my lessons are, and who is studying them. I can see if people work through a course or stop etc. You wrote, the feed shows lessons I haven’t taken. Does that mean that I see only lessons that are new to me, no matter if I’ve imported them or someone else?

That’s right. If you have taken the lesson or it’s your own lesson, it won’t show in your feed. The feed is there to unearth new lessons for you to study. But, I understand what you are wanting to know. We will figure out how we can make that kind of sharing and usage information available. Probably not in the Feed but maybe in a separate stats area or content stats email. Give us a bit of time.