New lessons not showing in lesson feed

Seems to be a recurring issue with LingQ. I feel like we had this issue a few weeks/months ago, but my new lessons are not showing up under My Lessons. I’ve sorted by Newly Imported and Newly Accessed and I don’t see them. They do show up at the top right corner where it lists the lasts 5 accessed lessons. Please help! Thanks.


Sorry to hear that. Are you referring to your imported lessons? You can’t find them on the My Lessons tab after importing?

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Yes, exactly.


I’ve had the same problem for weeks or months, LingQ should work hard on this problem.

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Exact same problem for some time now, can’t find a solution.

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I have had the same problem importing a leson on sunday…

Thanks everyone. I’ll report this to our development team and we will investigate it further.

Hey-- I just signed up for Lingq, and I’m very excited about the program, but I can’t find lists I imported in the My Lessons tab either-- which is extremely discouraging because this is the key reason I signed up for this program-- please let me know how I can fix this!

Sorry about all this. We use caching to try and speed up the loading of the pages in the Library but, this means sometimes new information isn’t shown. Anyway, we think we have resolved the issues now. Please take a look and let us know if you still have issues. It may take 20 to 30 seconds for changes to be recognized so if there’s an issue, wait 20 seconds and refesh/reload, especially initially if you have lessons that were not showing up.

Thank you! Looks like it’s working now.

Question: would you happen to know how long it might take for the audio to an anime episode to show up? I watched a Lingq tutorial where they said you could take transcirpts and audio from to create lessons-- I successfully imported the transcript but have yet to see the audio show up. Perhaps I’m doing it wrong?

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Where did you import the anime from? If you import from , the audio isn’t always imported (this is out of LingQ’s control unfortunately).

Example - LingQ imports Shirokuma Cafe’s transcript but almost always does not import the audio.

LingQ imports both audio and the transcript from Usagi Drop.

If you are importing anime from - both the audio and transcript should be imported, I haven’t come across a series where the audio isn’t imported. I find that the audio imports within a few minutes or so. Sometimes a little longer.

If you import anime from YouTube, you must have “cc” enabled. LingQ will import the closed captions but not always the audio from YouTube.

Yes, it’s fixed. Thanks!

Wow-- That’s extremely helpful-- thank you!

Mark, look at this lesson. Login - LingQ

It only imported the first part yet, I imported sort of yesterday, and until now the others parts didn’t show up.

@ivargas That’s a different issue about which I discussed with you on different thread and told you that we are looking into that problem. Unfortunately we have that problem with Google blocking us sometimes, causing audio and other parts for longer videos not to be imported properly. We hope it’s a temporary again and that it will be back working normally soon.
In the meantime we are still looking for possible solutions but I will let you know when I hear back from our team.

I thought it was the same problem. That’s ok then