New lessons are not shown in Japanese library

I uploaded and shared three new lessons in Japanese library a few days ago. However, these new lessons are not shown in the New Lessons shelf.

Even I change my level status, nothing happens. My New Lesson shelf is empty.

Hi nobuo,

Thanks for reporting this. We seem to be having a bug with new lessons not appearing properly. We’ll take a look at it.

I reported this problem on January, 18:

Is there a timeline for solving this problem?

I took 2 new lessons from you, Nobuo. I couldn’t see a third.

The information of newly uploaded lessons in the library is the one we want to know the most. I hope it will fix soon.

Thank you for taking my lessons. I uploaded three lessons recently in my same collection in Japanese library. I checked the lesson status and all are “shared”. Try to open next lesson in your lesson page. 日本語の勉強 頑張ってくださいね!

信夫さん、あなたのレッスン 大好きです!

Our programmers have been tied up with other issues and projects as of late, but this is still on their list of things to tackle. Hopefully it’s not too much longer!