New lesson shelf on the library shows only 5 lessons

I wonder why on the “New lessons” shelve in the German library are only 5 lessons shown. I miss for example the new GermanLingQ podcast, and the newest lesson of “Veras USA-Reisetagebuch” that I uploaded last week.

The left area of the initial library page seems to display random lessons. If you reload the page you will see different lessons.

I don’t understand why it’s that way.

The library page is VERY confusing, and maybe that’s one of the reasons that LingQ newbies are put off to subscribe…

Hape, that’s correct but on the “New lesson” shelve are the newest lessons shown. I wonder why there are only 5 lessons shown (for German) and not 15 or more!

Hi Vera,

This does seem to be a glitch. We’ll take a look at it. Also, we’ll see what can be done about making the Library more user-friendly. Thanks for the feedback!

We’ve now fixed this issue with new lessons not appearing.

and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you, but the new GermanLingQ podcast is still not shown!

Hi Vera,

I just checked, and it is in fact appearing. It is likely that you already opened this lesson, so even if you delete it from your account it will not be restored to the New Lessons shelf. I assure you that it is there.

Thank you Alex. I didn’t know the opened lessons are not shown because I could see me own lessons.

There is still a problem. This lesson isn’t shown for example: Login - LingQ
I’ve checked it with my daughters account too.

In the Spanish Library it’s the same.

Sometimes I see 4 lessons (like today), sometimes 5, sometimes 10… and for some time now I only see one page of new lessons, not 3 pages like there used to be.

And I see random new lessons, there’s been new lessons I uploaded that were never shown there. And it really doesn’t matter if I check this out with my account or my second account (the one that has never opened the lessons I upload).

And I check the new lessons tab a lot.

Also, the new lessons I upload, when I filter the library by accent and sort them out by date of publishing… my new lessons take a few days to show up.

We will continue to look into these issues on the New Lessons shelf. It sounds like there are still some irregularities. As for the search page, it can take a day for new lessons to appear in the search results. That is due to the search mechanism we use to provide search results quickly.

The problem still exists. The problem is on the shelve and as well there are problems when I use the advanced search and sort by date.

On the new shelve I miss the following collections:
Vera’s diary

Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! Privat!


Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! Training!

They all have lessons created in February. Older lessons/collections are shown even when the last lesson was added in January!

This is on our list of things to do. We hope to get it to it soon. Thanks for the additional information.

The problem still exists.

I see 11 German lessons on the New Lessons shelf - ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs

Yes, but a lot of the new lessons are missing!

Hi Vera,

The way it is currently set up is that it shows one lesson per collection on the New Lessons shelf. The reason behind this is simple. If someone shares an audiobook then it will automatically fill up a whole page (or more), so this is to make sure it isn’t flooded by those types of lessons.
Are the lessons that are missing in the same collection as one that appears? Can you give me an example of one that should appear but isn’t appearing?

Hi Alex, I know this. I miss lessons of other collections. For example

Vera’s diary for beginners. Collection: Vera's Diary for beginners - LingQ Language Library
New lesson: Login - LingQ

GermanLingQ. Collection: German LingQ Podcast 1.0 - LingQ Language Library
New lesson: Login - LingQ

Helmholtz.Podcast. Collection: Helmholtz.Podcast - LingQ Language Library
New lesson: Login - LingQ

Use the full library search by date and compare it with the “new lesson” shelve: