New layout lingq

The new lingq is full of bugs. Lingq’s disapear without reason, the text gets mixed up, i cant lingq certain words. I like to use the new version, but sometimes it just becomes impossible to work with. This has been going on for a few weeks now.

Hi Patrick,
Sorry to hear that you are having so many issues. Can you please be more specific, does it happen in all lessons? Can you please provide us more detailed infirmations (and maybe some screenshots) on support(at) ? Thanks!

It’s hard to be so specific when i’m drowned in bugs. I’ll give a few examples. In russian, words that have a - in the middle can’t be linked together. Although it works in the clasic lingq. Sometimes when i click on a word, the following words are pushed lower on the screen and the empty space is filled with earlier words, effectively putting the text into a loop. sometimes lingqing a word doesn’t work the first time and i have to try a second time. Known lingqs come up as unlingqed words when i click on it, only to reapear in their old state when i relingq them. Sometimes i get an error popup screen and i get redirected to the main menu. These are just the major problems. I now just use the classic version although i would love to also use the new one. I might add that i mostly use automatically imported texts, so that might have something to do with it. I actualy can’t remember if the bugs also apear in normal Lingq lessons.

Another bug for example is in Jobs and money Course - lesson: Knitting. In the final of lesson do not have text for the audio.

Hi glenioleonel,
That’s not the bug on the site actually, the course “Jobs and Money” was uploaded by LingQ member Solena and in cases like that you can ask lesson provider to update the audio/text if they don’t match.

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A lessons loading issue is now fixed and you should be able to load all lessons normally now, sorry about that. Also, a few other fixes are now on production so please let me know if you experience any of this issues again. Thanks!

Lingqs with a - in the middle still don’t display, i also cannot click on it, and when i make it a lingq nothing happens.

And i still sometimes have to lingq a word twice to make it work.

It appears that there remain issues with the new version. I am sorry about this and apologize. I am not involved in the development activities. I do know that coordinating a number of developers dealing with different aspects of the site is not always an easy task, and that everyone is working to fix bugs and and at the same time bring in new features.

I don’t find the site buggy, personally. I enjoy the new features and especially, now, the Feed function as a way of keeping up on what people are studying and finding new content.

However, it is obvious that some people are encountering bugs and our development team is working on fixing them.

I’m starting to enjoy the new layout for reading (seriously, I like how it’s split into sections like a bookmarker!), but LingQ 4.0 with bugs is like me going to the food fair; there’s always something new!

One of main issues I have is whenever I highlight clusters of words, they never reappear when I re enter the lesson. Never.

I really love LingQ as I think it’s one of the best sites I’ve used to date, but I’ve never encountered a site with more bugs than this one…

Indeed, the lingqed phrases sometimes apear and sometimes don’t, They sometimes reapear when i click on them and sometimes don’t. They sometimes reapear on the screen when clicking on something else only to disapear later.

After site’s remake I can not schedule any class. Open the pop-up but not appear any button or link and then I can return it is necessary refresh the page completely. it is very stressful.
I tried in chrome, edge and internet explorer. Futhermore in edge and IE the big red alert notice shows that lingQ is a malicious site. Even after your ignore the site is not funcional because has a long script executing (message in IE and Edge Browser).
I really stressed I will cancel my account because I can not use the service.

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My main concern with the new layout is the sheer amount of clutter on the page - the focus isn’t on the text at all it seems - just a massive header with the title, and half the page taken up by the quickstart guide! It wouldn’t be so bad if you could use a hover mode like on the classic view.

I’m continuing to use the classic view, and don’t think I will ever be able to use the new version as it is at the minute. Paging may be a good idea for people trying to read e-books and the like, but users need the option to choose their favourite preference.

I very much prefer the classic view, because of the possibility of hovering and because it is possible to see the hints in other languages. Moreover, reading and rereading longer texts going trough them scrolling instead of paging is much more comfortable.
My daughter just began with French on Lingq and I deplore that she cannot enjoy the profits of the classic view. Why does Lingq not give all the possibilities that there are, including the classic view, to newcomers?

I started to study some very beginner lessons in Chinese, so I am repeatedly listening to very short lessons. Very annoying to have the “Awesome! You now know 0 words!” every time I switch forward to the next lesson. Is there an option to disable this page, or at least, not show it if NOTHING has changed in my lesson?

I had this problem too. I have Firefox and I changed the zoom to 90% and messed with the text in the LingQ settings and it’s a lot better.

Yes, I cannot LingQ clusters of words. You can make a LingQ and then they disappear. When you reclick on the same cluster, you can re-select you own hint. This definitely seems to be a bug.

i agree completely

You can click back to the classic view. I skip between the two on a daily basis.