New Latin provider and collection!

Salvete, amantes linguae latinae!
I have good news for you! Steve asked me to contact Monica Mainardi, aka “mainikka”, an Italian teacher who records classic poems to ask if we could share them on LingQ… and she accepted!
So, have a look at the new collection: Latinae litterae a "mainikka" lectae - LingQ Language Library. I have just uploaded two lessons and will upload a few more (there aren’t many Latin poems available as of now, but I hope more will come). If you can read Italian, please have a look at Monica’s website:

Heu, num aliquis meum nuntium legit? Nemo respondit… :frowning:

(Hey, did anyone read my message? Nobody answered…)

I did! I’ll be sure to pass the news along to my brother, who is studying Latin :slight_smile:

(My stupid iPodTouch submitted my post before I had finished typing it! Full message below.)

Magnas gratias tibi ago, Alexander!

(Many thanks, Alex!)

PS: Is your brother on LingQ, too? Who is he?

I read it too, and imported the interview… in Italian, because I’m not interested in Latin yet. Thanks Michele.

I’ve directed my brother to this thread, so I’ll let him introduce himself. You’ve seen him before, but only once! :slight_smile:

I guess I could also share her interview in the Italian library. Thanks for the idea, Diego!

Thanks for the lessons!


Hey, I’m Alex’s brother! I’m a huge fan of the content you’ve put up so far. It’s absolutely wonderful to hear the language alongside the text, definitely enriches the Latin learning experience! Thanks so much.

Hi “adeimantius”! I’m so glad you enjoy my Latin content. I hope I will be able to record the LingQ series with a female voice soon.
I think I may finish translating “Eating Out” by October and then I can try “Who is She?”. I have translated one or two lessons of that series but I realized it would take very long, so I started with the two other collections. I fear it may take some months to complete the translation and recording of “Quis ea est?”
Meanwhile, I will keep sharing other content.

That’s great mike. Take your time, and i’ll try to get my Latin-learning friends to join and LingQ with us!

By the way, you can call me Mark if you’d like :]

Great news, Mark! (I had looked for your real name but couldn’t find it…)

I hope more and more members will study Latin at LingQ.

Michele, this is great news! I’ve always been more than a little intimidated by Latin. I’ll have a look and listen. Thanks so much for sharing the content with us. :slight_smile:

Yvette, you shouldn’t be intimidated by Latin! :slight_smile: I hope the content I shared will help you out with it.