New Latin collection: Ammianus Marcellinus' Historiae

I have just started sharing this work by late Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus. This is the link to the collection: Ammiani Marcellini "Historiae" - LingQ Language Library. It will take very long until I record the whole work, but I will try to share at least one lesson every week. It is quite difficult to record this text and I hope the quality is acceptable.

I have also started translating “Eating Out” into Latin. It will be more difficult than “Greetings and Goodbyes” but should still be much easier than “Who is She?”.

I misread this as “the late Roman historian” - ie that he’s dead. ~I thought “yes, they probably all are!”

I dunno - I have a feeling there are still quite a few Romans (if the number of scooters is anything to go by!)