New languages....again


I know this topic has received so much coverage…and I know there is a long list of priorities…but I can’t help asking…When will there be new/other languages available on LingQ?

I feel that the market/audience is there, the support is there…so many people are willing and able to provide content in the target languages.

Is there a way for LingQ users to add languages themselves?

LingQ is such an amazing and revolutionary system, and I feel that there is so much potential in this system.

With more languages and an ever-growing library, LingQ would be such an amazing learning tool for all sorts of languages.

Personally, I’m teaching Korean and I would love to use LingQ to help my students learn Korean…so as ever, I’m eagerly anticipating Korean on LingQ…


I can assure you that I want it as much as you do and I will be your first student for Korean. But we have a number of things to do first. I hope that it will not be more than 2 months and then we will open LingQ up to any and all languages.

Look for big improvements at LingQ within a few weeks and thanks for your continued support.

Sounds interesting. Would that mean that any member would be able to upload content in their native language or would access be limited to certain members? I suppose if it were to be restricted then anyone with potential content could send it off for approval to someone with access?

P.S. I think LingQ is great. Addictive, but great!

In principle we hope to set it up so that anyone can start up a language. We are hoping to enable editorial committees for each language to ensure quality control. We do not approve content now, but respond to reactions from users to anything that is not appropriate or has problems. It would be up to the editorial committee to respond.

You will see that the Library will soon be easier to navigate, with difficulty levels indicated, and with a sound preview button. We have lots of ideas and plans but things move slowly.

Wow this sounds really good. I’m very excited for all these new changes!

Awesome! I’m really keen to switch from Swedish to Norwegian as I have lots of Norwegian friends. TaKen has been wanting to add Norwegian for a while.

<I hope that it will not be more than 2 months and then we will open LingQ up to any and all languages. >

goodness I can’t wait for that…

but how will that work? won’t things get confused and a bit disorganized when people want to start Austrian German or Swedish German which is more or less the same?

oh and one more thing I expect the caricature of Steve wearing culture specific clothes in all new languages. customer’s always right…remember that…

The technology may be up to generating each of us our own personal caricatures for each language we learn. I’d like mine on a t-shirt :wink:

If you cannot wait to start learning languages not yet available on lingq - you can still start your own lingq way either as a student or as a teacher or creator of material.

  • get mp3 and text files
  • make lists of vocabulary and learn them with free softwares anki, interlex or else.

Any chance to get esperanto ? Do you speak esperanto ? Do you want to learn it ?

Pierre you seem to be a master at stating the obvious.

Esperanto would be great!!!