New languages

When will there be new languages at LingQ? I thought there would at least by some Dutch by now.


Yea, I’m waiting too…

I’m looking forward to learning some Dutch at Lingq too.

Keep the pressure on Mark. I want more languages too, Korean for example -:slight_smile:

However, there are so many things to do yet that we feel can increase the ability of newcomers to like LingQ and stay. Mark has to stay focused on that task. We need to get LingQ on a sustainable basis before we start getting too fancy.

That said, I think Mark has said that new languages are not that far off. Since things seldom go as planned I will not say more.

It would also be great to see some Welsh, Irish, Manx, Scottish Gaelic, Icelandic, Norwegian Nynorsk or Faroese. This site would be such a good resource for these languages.

I’m learning Dutch right now so it’s a shame the site doesn’t have this language yet.

Though I’ll be patient and wait happily :slight_smile:

Other great additions would be Hindi, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Esperanto, Indonesian and something a little older like Latin.

I’d like Arabic, modern Greek and something that makes me understand the natives here in deepest Bavaria.

And Polish, please. I have got to know parts of Poland and especially the Polish - a couple of them - during my business trips the last two years. Now I love the country and still more the people. But unfortunately not everyone in Poland understand english or german tongue. Certainly it is only a calm desire.

From what I know, it’s not really a matter of “what LingQ can offer” but rather a general functionality, such as the ability to identify word boundaries (an Asian language issue), at least one electronical dictionary, the highlighting tool etc. After all that have been sorted out, it’s probably a piece of cake to add Dutch, Tok Pisin, Klingon, Crimean Gothic and what not, provided that there are (free) resources AND native speakers.

jeff_lindqvist, while it’s certainly true that it’s important to get Chinese and Japanese working well, it’s also true that new languages are going to be good for this site and learners in general.

I’m learning none of the languages offered here, at the moment, so all I’m doing is waiting for Dutch. You are learning Chinese so it’s most beneficial to you that you get the Chinese out of Beta and into a more usable, stable form.

So for some people it’s about improvement of the language they are studying and for some it’s about “what Lingq can offer”.

So, I guess that it’s up to the devs to find a balance between those two competing desires. No one group can say what they need done is more important that the other desires.

I hope that makes sense and is reasonable.

(Btw, Dutch is not so obscure as Klingon or Crimean Gothic :P)

I’m not saying that the Asian languages have to be top priority. Those aside, there are still features which aren’t fully working after the latest update (for several members, for several languages).

And the need for free content, native speakers and electronic dictionaries still applies (as have been pointed out earlier somewhere in the forum), otherwise the language slot will be empty when it sees the light of day. Now, a test slot HAS been mentioned (free to fill with content of your own), and for that matter, I think someone was about to record/translate Dutch content (but I have no memory of who it was, or when).

I can agree that it is a top priority to get the site working in a stable fashion. I think everyone can!

It’s good to see that development is being made on both fronts. I hope to see some of the bugs resolved.

I’m just waiting for the language of ‘love’ to be offered…

I thought German was the language of love :wink:

Love’s labour’s lost in that case, I fear.