New Languages

I think I remember reading somewhere that Lingq was going to be adding a new language every month. I really want to start learning Latin. When is this voting deal going to be over, and when do you expect the winning language will be added as a beta language?

We have been told that the voting will end on August 31 and the winning language will be added on September 1.
By the way, if you want to learn Latin, feel free to contact me.
When Latin is added, I will provide some content, offer writing correction and some kind of conversations (but I don’t SPEAK Latin).

A new language will be added on the 1st of each month. :slight_smile:


I have forgotten where the voting is supposed to take place. I vote for Cantonese because there are many Cantonese speakers in my country and especially in nearby countries such as Malaysia. I am biased here because my son has married a Chinese Malaysian girl and wants to be able to speak to her relatives in Malaysia. I also vote for Modern Greek because I have learned a little of the language already. There are many Greek speakers also in Australia.

You can vote right here:

So going by the results so far, we will have Latin on Sept 1st, Norwegian on Oct 1st and Esperanto, Turkish and Cantonese for Nov, Dec and Jan.

Yes, but apart from Latin, the other rankings may still change. :slight_smile:

I bet they don’t, either way though, the order may change but those 5 will be the next 5 added. :slight_smile:

Uhm… I tend to agree about Norwegian and Esperanto but I am not so sure about the other languages. After all, December is still far.

Esperanto is an interesting one. It started up as an artificial language, but since some people brought up their children as native Esperanto speakers, I understand it’s “doing a Pinker” and evolving into a natural language.

The only way Esperanto could become a “not-so-artificial” language would be if people wrote books in that language, not just translations. Books, and knowledge heritage in general, are what make a language “alive”, otherwise it will get lost over time. Raising children as native speakers of Esperanto is useless. I don’t want to be cynic, but those children can die for whatever reason anytime, and their native language with them.

Yeah, and I wouldn’t mind betting that most of these so called “native speakers” of Esperanto actually have a hugely lower level in this language than they have in their true native langauge (which will be the language spoken around them wherever they live by their friends, business partners, school teachers, etc, etc.)

IMO Esperanto belongs in the same category as Klingon - harmless but ever-so-slightly nutty.

Esperanto - the language which is neutral in culture, so as to promote world peace. But when people complain that Esperanto doesn’t have culture and therefore they don’t want to learn it, Esperantists yell loudly that it does indeed have its own unique culture. :smiley:

Cake. What you going to do with it?

I think it would be good to see all the bigger languages quickly added to the site, so as to attract the general language learner. Then, start working on the more oddball choices and endangered languages. Of course I’d love to see it the other way around, but I understand how things work.

Actually, there is literature originally written in Esperanto. :slight_smile:

I expect there is some original literature in Klingon too…

What do you have to do to be able to comment on the Lingq facebook page?

@NinjaTurtle - You can find the Facebook page here: Redirecting...

Is there any chance of a simple un-supported open slot for any language; where we can link the dictionary to one of our own choosing? In order not to wait for any particular beta language to be introduced ?

Just in case if somebody is intrested there was a place where Esperanto was an official language (kind of) :slight_smile: ,