New Languages Coming to LingQ

I am curious as to what languages are in the process of being added to LingQ. If someone could provide me with a list or what they know that would be great.

This is a topic that comes up pretty often. The official stance is that Lingq has no plans as of now to add any new languages. There are some minimum requirements of how much material you need in order to launch a new language on Lingq. New Languages on LingQ

However if someone can gather this amount of material in a certain language it will be added, or so I have understood. If I remember correctly this was the way Greek was added. I have seen that various lingq members state that they will try and meet the requirements in among languages such as Farsi and Danish. There are a few others I think, I don’t now how successful these people have been in there endeavors.

The lingq member how wanted to add Farsi even stared a own website to share (and store until requirements are meet?) lessons in Farsi unfortunately I cant remember the name of the website. I wish they would add some more. Unfortunately the person a I knew in Israel who spoke Farsi died a few years ago, although if I ever get back, I might try finding someone. The other problem is that the right to left semitic scripts don’t display properly in Lingq’s current or even classic configurations.


While it is true that some languages need special support, it would be nice if users had the possibility of using LingQ to study arbitrary languages independently, using only imported material and without community hints. Like having a few free language slots that I could use for, say, Slovak and Maltese.

But maybe that idea does not fit in the company philosophy.