New language learning content from the EU

I came across this last night, there seems to be a good deal of new language-learning material being produced by the European Union for migrants.

The good news for LingQ users is that we can download audio AND transcripts.

I’ve already sent an email asking whether the content could be shared for Greek, but perhaps someone at LingQ could look into importing all of their content?


Here is a description of what is available from the website:

The new improved L-Pack videos are ready! The 30 videos in 7 languages were enhanced by adding subtitles, introductions, images, exercises, and links. The videos were also adapted to provide you with the possibility to take on the role of one of the characters in a scene and to record your own oral response in their place.

Each of the 30 videos is available in 4 versions:

Version A. Target language with sound

Version B. Target language with sound and subtitles

Version C. Target language with the sound of only one character and with subtitles in the target language (this can be useful for practising speech)

Version D. Target language with the sound of only one character and without subtitles (this can be useful for practising speech)

You will be able to view the videos by visiting our YouTube channel. To help facilitate easy navigation, each language has its own video playlist. Here is a link that will bring you directly to the playlist that has the English language videos:

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Thanks for sharing this with us! Have a nice evening!