New Kindle PW looks well made for language learning

I posted a few years ago about using an older generation of Kindle for learning Chinese.

the third generation Kindle is now a pretty good way to study a language, the dictionary lookup works in Chinese now, and Amazon has included a decent Chinese to English dictionary for free. So over the few years I’ve had it it has gotten pretty good.

The newest paperwhite seems to be even better! they’ve got a feature that can make flashcards from words you’ve looked up including the context it was found in. It’s almost like they took some cues from Lingq.

Honestly I would have expected the ipad or iphone to be a much better device for reading Chinese, but I have not found any apps that work as well, but the Kindle keeps getting better.

I think I’m going to have to put down some cash for the newest Kindle (it’ll also be nice to read in the dark.)

and… on a weird side-note… the Japanese kindle is about $99 and has 4 gigs of memory instead of 2.
The US one is $119 with “special offers” or $20 more without.
On the japanese website it says “This device does not support Chinese language. 此商品不支持中文。”
That’s annoying! I guess their “special offers” aren’t real useful if the Japanese Kindle goes to China. The one sold in China is $135.