New Italian lessons!

In case some of the (current and would-be) Italian students at Lingq still hadn’t noticed it, I am writing a series of Italian lessons titled “Un italiano a Sofia”.
I have also started uploading a very funny Italian novel: “Il giornalino di Gian Burrasca”. I’m sure you will like it!
The links to both collections can be found on my profile page.

It seems no one noticed my short message! I must learn to avertise my lessons better… Anyway, I have just uploaded a new lesson for “Un italiano a Sofia”, which even features a quiz for my students! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Here is the link! :wink:

Thanks, Jolanda!

I have also started a new collection with lessons for beginners: “Un italiano a Sofia (per principianti)”. Here is the link to the collection:

A great way to start learning Italian with inusual beginner lessons! Only the first one is available now but there will be more soon.

I have just published my tenth lesson for “Un Italiano a Sofia” (normal version):

I’d also like to remind that only one person has solved the quiz included in the nineth lesson: there are nine more bonuses for conversations or writing correction available for those who will send me the answers by mail or on Skype! :slight_smile:

Two more lessons for “Un italiano a Sofia”, for a total of 12 lessons and counting!

The same collection adapted for beginners has seven lessons as of now, but I will add more very soon:

Enjoy them! You are welcome to send me your feedback.


Two more lessons in the collection “Un italiano a Sofia” for beginners! Nine lessons available now.

Italian is not on my “short list” of languages to study, but I might have to put it there. Every time I see an addition to this collection I want to read it!

Please do!