New italian lesson added

Hallo to everyone. I’ve just added a new italian lesson named “In Tram”. It is in the collection “Livello Base”.

See you soon and…enjoy your Italian.


The lesson is excellent. The pictures you have chosen are great. My suggestions are as follows.

  1. Could you possibly find someone to record this. If you need advice on how to record you will find lots of help here on the Forum. We would prefer to only have natural recordings, and not text-to-voice in the library. I feel that emotional connection between the listener and the content is important. Text-to-speech is not natural and hard to listen to more than once.

  2. I would add the English words “Conversations for beginners” to the title of the collection, just to make sure that beginners know that it is for them.

Thank you very much!!! For your information 19 people have taken this lesson!

Ok, Steve. I’ll try to find someone to record my lessons (I hope to succeed) and I’ll update the title of the collection. See you soon.