New iPad version doesn’t use Japanese fonts

Although Kanji characters are originally Chinese characters, there are some differences between Chinese and Japanese fonts for certain characters, as an example check the character of ren 練 in renshuu 練習

There are many other Kanji characters which also have differences between Japanese and Chinese, some more noticeable than others, but all the font options in the new LingQ iPad reader seem to be using the same traditional Chinese font instead of a Japanese font, making some words odd looking and harder to recognize for a Japanese learner.

Although it may not be a big deal, it makes me a little hesitant of continue using the reader as it is now.

Thanks. I’ll ask our team to check this and we’ll see if we should make any changes.

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Interesting. Good catch. I can see that is an issue on iOS. Shows up properly on web but looks like it’s also an issue on Android. We’ll get at least one Japanese font!

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Thank you! That would be great.