New IPad update problem w multiple word links

I can only do one word. Can’t figure out to LingQ multiple words to form phrases. Help!

Just tap and hold on a word and option to highlight and save a phrase will appear.

Hi summer, I was confused by this coming from Android where I just hold and highlight multiple words. I recently got an ipad mini and wasn’t able to do the hold and “drag” method. (Note I was trying to do this on the LingQ 5.0 beta so I’m not sure how the original app behaves exactly if that’s what you’re using). I had to tap and hold on the word as zoran suggests…popup appears, then I needed to tap on the adjacent words to add them. I’m noting now though, that on the beta app it is allowing tap and drag so it seems they fixed or changed that.

The new update may have a bug. I can only hit one word. When I scroll down it has automatic phrase associated with word. I assumed that I could not drag and form my own word chunks. Then this moring I was able to do it only once. Where multiple words turned blue.