New iOS app now only shows one preview definition per LingQ

I love LingQ and use it every day but am confused by a recent change.

When you tap a LingQ on the iOS app, you get a preview of its translations. Previously, you would see up to two of the user-selected definitions in that preview window, and if you expanded the window you’d see the rest.

Now you only see the first definition. This is a huge downgrade, because if you’ve been spending years creating your definitions, you’ve been doing it on the assumption that two are displayed. In many languages (like German) the same word is often both a noun and a verb, so selecting two primary definitions is very common.

If you’re reading through text, having to expand the window is fiddly and time-consuming, and really breaks your reading flow because it covers up everything else.

It’s not clear why this change would be necessary, as nothing else regarding previews changed (except for the distracting italics treatment they now have), and there’s still plenty of room for multiple translation lines–just as much room as there was before.

This is especially frustrating because (as far as I can tell) there’s not even any way to reorder translations, which means you’re stuck with whichever one happens to be first.

Hopefully this is just a bug or unintended side effect to be reverted, rather than an intentional change! Thanks as always for all your efforts.


Agreed. Someone also reported this last week.

Having all definitions displayed is crucial (every definition was shown before the update)and it is actually one of the reasons that prompted me to move from Android to iOS, so this is a huge letdown.

I hope that this is reversed. It would be nice also if more than one definition was displayed in sentence mode because it is incredibly confusing when you see a definition displayed that has nothing to do with the context of the sentence in question.


Agreed, and we have also reported both this definition downgrade and the distracting italics. Agreed with the sentence-by-sentence word definitions displayed as well.

I wish some of these things could be asked before to the hardcore users that use the app on a daily basis for learning!


I forwarded your feedback to our developers. We’ll see what we can do.

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I have to agree with what everyone said here. I’m not sure why the “upgrades” are eroding core functionality— words and their definitions. It’s pretty much a basic feature of language learning that words have multiple definitions and you learn how they are used by reading. So inhibiting the retrieval of definitions seems counterproductive.

Here is an example of what is happening. (I should probably already know se passed— ignore that.)

In my reading I have se passer highlighted, and it says “do without.” Makes no sense so I click on it.

Well, it turns out there are two definitions I already have and only one shows up while reading. And I have actually already made the Lingq long ago.

But this just takes me out of reading to the word panel. The whole point of Lingq is to help keep you in the flow of reading without annoying excursions to the dictionary.