New independent min-stories

Makacenko, long standing LingQ member, has created “independent mini-stories” in Czech. I just happened to “Czech” up on Czech and saw them. They are great. The stories depart from our existing stories in interesting ways. Maybe that is something we could encourage in other languages.


Gee I can’t edit the title. Mini-stories of course. Ugh!


And you call yourself a linguist!


thank you so much

Spleaking a fe linguages is no protectin agst typos!


By the way, there are several places to obtain good “mini-stories”. For example, the Foreign Services Institute courses with audio are in the public domain. The Cortina courses, also. There are others out there.

I have added many conversations / dialogues from Modern Russian (the FSI course) and Cortina Russian and they are excellent new Mini-stories.

If someone can add these public courses (Cortina, FSI, and more) to other languages, they would be immediately repaid with a great learning experience…

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