New Import Lesson Interface sucks!

I do not see anything good about it!

It really doesn`t work sometimes.

Sorry for the trouble. We are now working on this to fix some issues. Meantime, feel free to let us know what you would like to see on that page.

What does “Membership Groups” do?

@galina-Please make the text input box a lot bigger! And if you’re going to have buttons, make them fit the text.

@solanderdog - Sorry, that’s for group supervisors (aka teachers, etc.) who have groups on LingQ. It shouldn’t be showing for people who aren’t supervisors, so we’ll remove that.

@pmilone - Yes, unfortunately this was a case where it appeared differently on our testing server but we will try to have this fixed hopefully tomorrow. Things have been a little crazy here over the past 24 hours as our whole site has been under attack, so please forgive us for any delays with getting things back to normal. Our highest priority is to make sure we’re not vulnerable to the type of attack that affected our server from yesterday through this morning.

@Alex, understood! Thanks.

“New Import Lesson Interface sucks!”
haha - there’s the charm of youth for you :wink:

I love the Tabs, Play buttons etc. I see where you’re going with this and it looks clean and a step ‘up’ - nice work. Yes, the pics are broken etc. Audio may not be right where it needs to be but we all know in about 48 hours this all cleans itself up.

And yes, I had a big ‘groan’ when I saw the little text box in the new import window - it was already fussy to work with (and import is 90% of what I use LingQ for) so smaller only aggravates the situation - but that’s all been addressed above. I noticed also that the lesson list on the right is missing - I hope that returns - I use that a lot to navigate between lessons I’m importing.

I wondered why I was getting a 503 server error last night and now I know why - so sorry the site was attacked. Hang in there and don’t get discouraged! You’re all doing a great job!

Best wishes for continued success!
Daniel Léo Simpson
San Francisco