New import - All Sentences starting on new line?

Hi LingQ Support

I have manually created several lessons this morning on desktop web version using Chrome, and it looks like every sentence is on a new line. The edit page looks to be correctly formatted, with ‘Paragraphs’ having several sentences as I would normally expect, but when I view the lesson, the sentences within a paragraph all start on a new line, i.e. it looks like every sentence is a new paragraph.

Login - LingQ (Norwegian - now shared).

Not a big issue and I can continue until resolved, but any advice or feedback appreciated.

Thanks, Frank


Hi LingQ Team / Zoran

I have seen this now on several languages and for other pre-existing lessons.

Just wondering if this is intentional or just a bug that will be resolved in due course?


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I am having the same problem. It affects all newly and previously imported lessons.

It was working fine just a few days ago, so it must be a bug. I hope it gets fixed soon.


I have the same issue when importing ebooks. Before Lingq 5 there was no problem and everything was imported properly and readable. Now there are these paragraphs after each sentence, comma and sometimes even in completely random spots. This makes reading nearly impossible.

Hi Zoran / LingQ Team

This sentence/paragraph layout issue looks to be OK on my Android app version but definitely shows issue still with chrome on laptop Web browser.
I do not have iphone version now so not aware if any issue there?


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I have checked on my iPad. No problem there either. I think the issue is only present on the web version.

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I’ve got the same problem. I’m reading an ebook that I imported (epub format) about a month ago. Every sentence is on a new line. I checked Lingq on my iPhone and it seems to be formatted correctly there, so it must just be the web version.

I can still use Lingq with this bug but it is easier to read a book when you can tell when the paragraphs begin and end.


Can someone from support please get back to us on this ? Thank you.

Apparently not …

I have sent an email to their support team this morning. Hopefully, they’ll acknowledge it and correct this bug in due course. The forum seems hit and miss as to whether we get a reply or not.


Still no reply…

@SeoulMate I am looking into the issue.

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Thank you.

I have the same problem that bothers me a lot.

I have the same issue on Chrome. It’s actually really annoying. It breaks the flow of reading if you will, especially for imported books. Imported lessons look fine on IOS app.

Still no update on this problem?
Unfortunately, as an avid reader, this issue makes Lingq unusable for me.

It’s fixed for me. I first noticed my book switch to correct formatting sometime last week.

Yeah, it seems fixed.
A short notice would have been nice …

Definitely. Someone suggested the implementation of a proper Lingq roadmap in another thread, and I think this is a very much needed feature so we can be updated on the status of requests/bug reports. The forum is too messy.