New iLingQ version 2.3.4 for iPhone

This new version should resolve the issue with the audio files ending and crashing the app and with counters not working.

Thank you so much! I’ve been looking forward to this! :slight_smile:

@ COTB. Does it really work for you? I still have problems; e.g. when I start a playlist the app crashes after the first track if the display is dark. If the display is still visible, it seems to work. Counting works in this case, but it doesn’t count when the app crashes. Sometimes repetition of a single track that I opened in a playlist works for a while, but then it crashes. Started from the lessons view a single lesson doesn’t repeat when the display is dark, it only continues as long as the display is highlighted. I have been using the app less and less and have found these problems annoying.
I appreciate the possibility of being able to listen while a lesson is opened on the workdesk. However listening on the iPhone isn’t counted whereas on the PC listening is counted automatically on the workdesk.

It is working well so far on my iphone 4.

I just noticed that the listen and read counter on the Iphone aplication does not update the counters on the online program.

Yeah, I know what you mean … It happens to me too. I really hope for a stable version soon.

I have the problem on my iPhone 4S, too. It was working so far. However after the up-grade, the app plays the only first track. After the first track, LingQ closes.

@pmilone, COTB - That’s strange. The app seems to be working properly for me. It tracks the number of times listened both on the app and on the website and synchronizes this and the number of times read whenever both the site and app are refreshed. Are you sure you have the newest version installed? Make sure to refresh both the app and website to make sure everything is updating properly.

@alleray - The app crashing when the display is off is a new problem. We will look into this. Thanks for reporting it. Obviously, the fact that the app doesn’t record the listening time when this happens is related. As I said above, listening on the iphone seems to be counting fine for me but this may be related to the issue of the app crashing when your display is off. If you keep your display on I have to assume the counting is working for you since it does work fine for me in that case.

@alleray - In fact, I don’t think it has anything to do with the display being dark. It just crashes when moving from one track to the next in a playlist.

@Kumiko - Thanks for reporting this. We will get this fixed.

@alleray, Kumiko - These issues should be fixed in the latest version of the app. Let us know if you still have problems.