New: iLingQ for Android v2.4.1

We’ve just released Version 2.4.1 of iLingQ for Android. Here are the release notes:

This new version features a new text-to-speech feature where you can listen to your saved LingQs.
Fixed issues related to “Large Text” option, phrases not displaying for Chinese/Japanese, app crashing when audio finished, read/listened counters not updating properly.

You can get the newest version here:

We look forward to your feedback!

Thanks Alex! I confirmed that the crash bug and large text option are fixed, very happy about these.

The new speaker icon is too big, especially in the pop-up hint.

@dcbaok - Glad to hear it’s working now :slight_smile: We’ll look into reducing the size of the icon for the text-to-speech.


I use ILingQ for czech and spanish. In czech if I click on a lesson (e.g. Login - LingQ or Login - LingQ) it loads the text without problems but if I click on the play button in iLingQ 2.4 there always showed up “Audio download failed” and with the latest version comes “Network connection lost”
With spanish it seems to work fine.
Maybe there is an error with the soundfile ids or so?

@Wompipomp - Thanks for the heads up. We are aware of this issue and hope to have a fix ready in the next version of the app. If you have any other issues with the app please let us know!