New: iLingQ for Android v2.4

We just released version 2.4, which includes some major fixes and performance enhancements. This update is recommended for all users of the Android app, and should significantly improve your experience through the app. Be sure to let us know if you run into any issues with this version!

I’ve had a chance to use the new app for a bit on my phone and tablet and so far it seems to be working. I must say I’m a good bit (pleasantly) surprised. The app went from mostly unusable to doing what it is advertised to do. To summarize:

-I can now view lessons longer than a few paragraphs.
-Getting a flashcard wrong doesn’t result in needing to answer it correctly an extra time.
-If the screen locks while reviewing flashcards, the flashcard session doesn’t restart.
-Flashcard data is syncing. All of it. And it doesn’t look like it is mysteriously going away at later points in time.

I think for the first time I can say that all of the basic functionality of the app works. That makes me happy. Now I haven’t had a chance to use the app outside of wifi yet so I might run into issues then. The only unresolved issue that comes to mind right now is the word splitting issue that I brought up several versions ago. I didn’t bring it up since then since I haven’t been able to view most of my lessons with the app. Anyway, the app seems to display lingqs differently than the website. I think what is happening is that the app doesn’t display phrases that are lingq’ed. This is probably more noticeable when studying Japanese (and probably Chinese) than other languages because the word splitters tendency to divide words into non-word chunks. You then have to highlight the chunks as a “phrase” to lingq the actual word. That word displays on the website but I get the non-word chunks in the app.

Regardless, give your developer a nice pat on the back. It is well deserved.

@cgreen0038 - Thanks for the detailed feedback! Glad to hear that most of the issues you have been experiencing have been resolved. We’ll take a closer look into the word splitting and phrase issues that you mention.

I’ll be sure to pass your message along to our Android developer :slight_smile:

as you saw with my other post about the new ‘droid app… I am pleasantly surprised as well and wholeheartedly agree with cgreen0038. I don’t know what you guys started feedin’ the developer, but give him some more of it and a raise or points or roses or massages or whatever the hell he needs. He’s doing awesomeness, at least for the latest build. I have never felt like recommending the app to anyone… but now it is in a state that I could actually tell people that it’s worth the time. Congrats.

I got a chance to try out the app when not connected to wifi and it looks like the flashcard sync doesn’t work very well. It seems hit and miss as to what gets synced. It looks like about 10% of the flashcard status are not being updated when I’m connected to the phone network. So I’m guessing that the less reliable connection is creating less reliable synchronization. Maybe the app needs a handshake with the server when syncing?

I ran into a strange issue with the daily lingqs list. After finishing a session of daily lingqs, sometimes that day is removed from the list and sometimes it isn’t. Also, I just finished my Japanese daily lingqs for yesterday and after I finished it, both yesterday and today was removed from the list.

@RickyRuffcutt - Again, glad to hear you’re liking the new version. I’ll let our developer know that you’re liking the recent update!

@cgreen0038 - OK, thanks for the heads up about the synchronization and daily LingQs issues. We’ll be sure to look into these as well.

There’s a consistent crash in the new version when using background audio. When the audio file ends, if I’m not in the lesson screen the application crashes. I can be outside of the app entirely doing something else, or in the flash card screen. Either way the app crashes.

Seems like the new lazy loading for mp3 has caused a problem with the autoplay audio option. When first loading a lesson it doesn’t work but if i leave the app and return to it, the audio will autoplay.

The large text option still doesn’t work.

@dcbaok - Thanks for letting us know about these issues. I’ve added them to our list!

The most annoying/urgent problem for me with the Android app is when reviewing flashcards, if you switch programs (to respond to a text message, check your dictionary, etc), it “forgets” your progress and resets to card #1. I would like the app to keep track of which cards I’ve already reviewed that day, since I try to review 100 cards per day and can’t do that in a single session. As soon as I minimize the app, it forgets everything I’ve already reviewed.

@jamesduffy - We’ll see what we can do about this one.

Found another minor bug in 2.4, in a lesson, if the toolbar at the bottom is expanded, when you drag the audio slider it will unexpand. Tapping the slider doesn’t do this.

@dcbaok - Thanks, I’ll add this to our list!