New: iLingQ for Android v2.3.4

Today we pushed a new version of iLingQ for Android which includes the following updates:

Improved power management in lesson view / playlist view
Improved loading times and overall performance
Fixed issues with flashcards causing app to stop functioning
Audio download progress bar added to lesson view

You can download the new version here:

As always, we welcome your feedback!

Text downloads more slowly but audio isn’t downloading at all

@skyblueteapot - Is this for all lessons or just specific lessons? Also, can you let me know again which version of Android you are using? It should be somewhere in the settings menu on your phone.

I just tried the flashcards within the app and found that the status of a card won’t ever change, no matter how often I get it right.
No issues with text or audio here (Android 4.0.3)

Ah, well I’m on Android 2.1. If it’s only me having the problem, then I shouldn’t worry about it - I’m hoping to get a more modern phone for Christmas.

It seems to be all lessons. Very very slow and tends to time out or crash before it succeeds in loading a lesson.

Hi - I just upgraded to a basic account to be able to use the android app on a galaxy s2. A few problems:

Once lesson is loaded an playing audio, player back button often does not work and I need to back out of the page to get back to the beginning. Sometimes the app hangs (especially when I use the slider) and I just see the endless loading circle on the lower right. In your help files I see different playback controls on the example French screen shot with more buttons (I just have two: play triangle and a back button). I could really use a back10seconds or something similar.

When the back button does work occasionally it seems to take me back almost to the beginning of the file and then pauses the audio. If the audio is playing when I hit the back button it should resume automatically after it goes back no?

What does the loading circle mean anyway? I thought that once I accessed the lesson for the first time, it was loaded locally into the phone in which case this loading circle should not be spinning no?

I don’t see how to add lessons from my lessons page to the playlist. Will research this on forums now. Thanks.


Ok - I discovered how to add a lesson the the playlist, had to hunt for the right place to touch the screen on the lessons page. I see that the playlist player IS different from the solo lesson player and it does have a 10secback button that works but now I can’t go back to the beginning of the lesson; the large back button to the far left does nothing when I hit it. Also, when I want to look at the text and I hit the specific lesson playing in the playback list, it takes me back to audio player with less functionality. Much confusion in this realm. Thanks.


@cjcrawford - Thanks for the detailed feedback regarding the app. We’ll take a closer look into some of these issues and will continue to work to improve the app.

Audio loading taking forever and still hanging on flashcards. For me the biggest problem is the time it takes to fetch audio. Running Android 4.04. I honestly don’t bother with the app anymore, it hasn’t worked properly since I started using it.

Ever have these issues on the iPhone App?