New: iLingQ 2.3.12 for iOS

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Head to the iTunes App Store (‎LingQ | Learn 42 Languages on the App Store) to download the newest version of iLingQ. This update includes several new features that are sure to make it even easier to review your LingQs while on the go.

The yellow popup has been redesigned to give you greater control over your LingQs. Now you can adjust the status directly from the yellow popup, and even ignore LingQs by tapping on the red “X”.

In addition, the text-to-speech feature has been added to flashcards as well, so you will now be able to listen to your LingQs as you review them in the app.

If you enjoy iLingQ for iOS, be sure to rate it by tapping on “Info” and selecting “Rate iLingQ”. We hope you like this newest version!

I must say, I just tried out the new iPhone app and it is a big improvement. The previous one was good, but there were a couple if things that meant that I did not use it for anything but the flashcards and playing the audio, but now these things appear to not be a problem anymore. The inclusion of the TTS is also brilliant. I will definitely make use of that while going over the flashcards. Thanks for the improved app.

p.s. are there any plans to make a scaled up version of this for the iPad? The app works ok on the iPad, but on the bigger screen, everything looks pretty bad.

Unfortunately, two small problems still exist. When I am not in the app (when the a lesson is not on the screen), the audio does not download, and the audio does not repeat. This is a problem when I want to download something big or listen to the same short thing over and over. Of course I can fix this by leaving the lesson up, but then I can’t do anything while the app is playing in the background.

Anyway, great app.

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - Great feedback, I’ve added these to our list! We do have plans to build an iPad-compatible version of iLingQ in the future :slight_smile:

Awesome! These small changes make a big impact. I can see myself using this much more now! First impression is very positive. Thanks!

one note: The hint text in the yelllow popup window has hanging letters cut off a little (like letters g y j p).

@keke_eo - Glad to hear it! We’ve got more updates on the way :slight_smile: We’ve noted the issue related to letters being cut off and will have it fixed in the next update.

Are the push notifications for daily LingQs new? Handy reminders to study!

Good update. But:
The hint is now cut off (only one line) – is it possible to see the full hint?. Letters like g, q, p, etc. are not fully shown in height.

Glad you like the update. The push notifications were introduced last update. They are relatively new. As for the issue with letters being cut off, we are aware of it and it will be fixed in the next update.

Are there any plans to fix the problem with the audio not downloading and not repeating when the iLingQ app is in the background? I find this a problem, but maybe other people do not.

As I said, great update.

As Alex stated above in this thread we have noted your request to download audio in the background and play it in the background or repeat it in the background and we will try and get to it when we can.

Thanks. To be honest, I don’t think it’s so important.

iLingQ 2.4 was released today. It solves the issues mentioned with the LingQ popup getting cut off and it now downloads and plays audio in the background. It also now functions with the audio remote control on the iPhone home screen. Let us know what you think!

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The fixes function very good. I noticed the popup getting cutoff when I used the new app on the iPad, but it does not seem to happen anymore. Thanks for fixing the problems we reported with the app. I didn’t expect it to happen so quick. I really like being able to control the audio with the remote.

Good stuff!

Ah, I have just noticed something. I find that, for me at least, there are no differences in the shades of the yellow highlighting between LingQs of statuses 1, 2, and 3. I don’t know if this is meant to be the case. I didn’t notice it before because I have all my LingQs at levels 1 or 4, and only use level 3 to hold LingQed phrases (I have not decided what to do with level 2; maybe I will put words that I have programmed into Anki at that level).

Related to this problem is another one. I just exported all of my LingQed phrases, and then imported them as a new lesson, so that I could study them with flashcards on the app (which is why I noticed the above problem). On the website, all of these phrases are highlighted, since they all correspond to previously LingQed phrases, and this is true on the app too. However, on the app, the highlighting does not always cover all of the phrase. For exxample, the phrase ‘Favorit der Buchmacher’ is only highlighted yellow for the first two words, even though when I tap on the highlighted part, I get the LingQ for the full phrase.

Anyway, these things are minor, and neither of them make the slightest difference to me. I just figured they would be worth pointing out.

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. I just noticed what might be the cause of the second problem that I mentioned. When the previously LingQed phrases are viewed in the iLingQ app, the highlighting covers the entire phrase only if the phrase does not have a word in it that is a status 4 LingQ. When there is a status 4 LingQ in the phrase, the word is highlighted as a status 4 LingQ should be (i.e. with a little dotted line underneath), and all of the words after it are not highlighted at all. For example, I have previously LingQed the word ‘hart’, and then set it to status 4 after learning it. In my lesson, there is the phrase

‘Wenn man hart im Nehmen ist’

The yellow highlighting of the phrase covers ‘Wenn man’, and then stops before ‘hart’, leaving ‘hart’ highlighted as a status 4 LingQ, and then ‘im Nehmen ist’ completely unhighlighted.

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - Thanks for your feedback. The app doesn’t yet support multiple shades of yellow for LingQed words, but it’s something we can look into. Regarding the other issue, we’ll add this one to our list.

Just one other thing. I noticed that when I tap on a LingQed phrase, if the word that I tap on happens to itself be a LingQ (of any status it would appear), the bubble that pops up gives the hint for that word, and not the hint for the phrase. This may be intentional. Anyway, it is not important. I am only noticing these things because I made a lesson out of a list of previously LingQed phrases so that I could study them on the iLingQ flashcards.

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - Phrases are always a bit more tricky to handle, however I’ll add this to our list.