New IDEL collection - ¡Me mudé a Madrid!

¡Me mudé a Madrid! A very funny and entertaining story for our intermediate and advanced students.

¡Me mudé a Madrid! - B1
¡Me mudé a Madrid! - C1 (exactly the same audio+text as the B1 one but with more dialogues in each lesson)

The Institute salutes you!

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haha, I love them, very interesting to me, I’m doing the C1 dialogues and I love them :slight_smile:

Hilarious! My favorite one is lesson 20 in the B1 collection ( ). Here is another one that made me laugh:

Well done story that kept me interested and entertained. Berta has had some very interesting jobs. I also learned some new phrases.

These are amazing (see also my Thank you, thank you, thank you! thread, somewhere below).

Thank you all!. We were planning to write more stories if our students liked this one. So this is great news!

The Institute salutes you

p.s. Angela you naughty girl!!!

This is another example of the innovative learning material from IDEL.

It kind of gave me an idea. I have always felt that we can just drop in on a language, almost anywhere, in any context, and start to figure tings out, with a little help of course, and as long as the original snippets are short enough.

We could even call this “parachute language learning”. We are just dropped behind the lines and have to figure things out. It is difficult if we are entirely on our own, but with a little help, I think it can shorten the length of the struggle to learn the language. It can also make the whole process more exciting.

What I would suggest as possible help for parachute learning could include the following.

  1. An A (beginner) version. The same content as the B version, just read very slowly.
  2. A translation (even a touched up google translate will do) for the A and B versions.
  3. Some, a very few, very general explanations of the language in the A version, and some more detail in the B version. “In Spanish the verb endings change for every person and every tense. Watch for it.” " In Spanish the personal pronoun is often omitted"
  4. One video for the collection, either showing Madrid, or Spain, or even some kind words of encouragement from the creators of the lesson.

I look forward to your comments. I would certainly want to attempt parachute learning for the next language I do, if such material were available.