New here, what are the benefits of premium and everything else?

So I don’t know what lingq is capable of helping me with. I want to learn Arabic, but how will Lingq help me? What are lingqs and what are imports? I’m assuming lingqs are individual words learned and imports are about uploading resources from elsewhere, then getting assistance from text-recognition technology?

Help a newb out - what all do I stand to gain if I pay for premium and actually use this service?

Can anyone give me an itemized list of what all is offered and what is possible (for learning effectively and reasonably quickly)?

Hi, here’s a quick overview.

Premium grants you unlimited LingQs. A LingQ is when you hover over a blue word (aka unknown word), click it, and save its meaning. Your goal is to essentially turn all blue words into yellow (by LingQing them) and eventually, to known words (white).

Premium also gives you unlimited imports. LingQ already comes with thousands of hours of content but it’s biggest feature is the ability for you to import content from the web (YouTube, blogs, news articles, Netflix) into LingQ.

Hope this helps.

I was a premium user for a couple of months till I lost the ability to pay for LingQ, so I think I’m qualified to compare the two plans :slight_smile: IMHO, free plan is next to useless if you use the Android app, because you can’t tap a word and see it’s translation. Basically, you lose the dictionary on the free plan.
In the web version, though, the dictionary works alright.


basically, you read and listen to a lot of things. You write down the definitions for words and phrases you don’t know. you then read more and listen more. You keep encountering these words you have looked up. You will end up learning them as you continue to read and listen.

It uses the idea of comprehensible input. You’re involvement with the language through reading and listening interesting things is what makes you learn, not the use of textbooks (or not by itself).

one aspect (which certain people may think is negative) of this method is that you need to do it all yourself. No teacher to tell you what text you need to read next or grammatical point you need to focus on. It’s also not gamefied like duolingo.

You read. you listen. in so doing, you learn.

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words of reading, hours of listening and known words kind of function like a game but extermely slow similiar to a slow level grind in an old school mmo-rpg lol. But yeah definitly gameification than duolingo.