New Full Text option

For those of you who have been looking for a full text view of the lessons so you can listen and read the full text without paging and moving words to known or reviewing, we pushed an update today so you can do just that.

The new Full Text option which you can find in the top right of the reader text area, will now show the full text of the lesson on the right side of the screen in the Resources panel.

Likewise for those of you still hanging on to the Classic View, this may allow you to make the switch to LingQ 4.0. There is no lookup and LingQing functionality in the new Full Text option but it does allow you to scroll the full text and copy and paste from it.


Good feature, also saves me from using Print view to figure out where people got their questions for ask-a-tutor… seeing a little inconsistency between platforms on whether the icon displays. For example currently I’m in a lesson where I can see the translation icon A->あ but the spot for the full text has no icon, just a text label underneath.

That could be a caching issue. Please try ctrl+refreshing to clear the cache. I had that issue in Chrome until my cache cleared. If it persists, let me know.

amazing and useful feature because I hate clicking repeatedly

@perlout - I’m glad you like it! I assume you are referring to clicking to turn the page? If so, you may want to take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts instead. Use the right arrow to move from highlighted word to highlighted word and eventually from the last highlighted word to the first one on the next page. Use the up/down arrows to select the desired option on the blue panel before arrowing right to select that option, assuming you have turn blue words to yellow automatically selected in the Reader settings. Or, even if you don’t use the arrowing to move through your highlighted words, shift + arrow will go to the next page.

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