New French course on LingQ for beginner 2

Hi everyone, I’m a new French librarian for LingQ and have been putting together a new story-driven course (with permission of its creators). It is called Français Minute and you can find it at this link: Connectez-vous - LingQ

Mostly for beginner 2 level. Very engaging short videos (1 minute), so it’s easy to fit in your listening and reading schedule as a beginner. The 17 videos I posted include reviewed and edited transcripts. Those interested can find more shorts of this kind on their YouTube channel, where clean edited text and sound appear on screen. But I have curated a few for LingQ users. Think of it as a set of more interesting and prettier sounding mini stories. This includes, at times, easy excepts from literature, too. I included two examples of this, featuring short excerpts of Albert Camus and Jacques Prévert texts.

I’ll keep adding more to this course, but also plan to add content closer to my expertise (not French teaching), for more upper intermediate and advanced learners, about wine and the wine business.