New free listening practice site with 11 languages

I created a website where you can improve your listening skills with over 17000 native recordings in 11 languages collected from Tatoeba. Here’s the address of the site and a screenshot of me using the Portuguese version. I hope it helps you guys. :slight_smile:


That was fun!

Very useful!

This is very, very interesting and useful! I just have one remark: the flag chosen for Portuguese is from Portugal, but the accent is Brazilian Portuguese.

Thanks very much, Tommg! It can be very useful because the listening is for me the most difficult aspect of the language. I learn with my eyes, not with my ears. And that’s why to read, to write and even to speak is for me much easier than to listen.

Ik vind het een heel leuke site. Mijn complimenten, tommg!

So this is much like a dictation program, I’m guessing. Am I right?

Great tool. Good work!

There are both European and Portuguese recordings in the database, I guess the Brazilian ones outweigh the European ones and you haven’t stumbled on a European one yet. Anyway, I haven’t done much analyzing, sorting and categorizing of the sentences yet, the project is still very fresh. But I plan to add many filtering options in the future. Especially once sufficient user feedback is at my disposal.

I don’t speak any Dutch, but your words look kind, so thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@tommg - Ah, just do what the rest of us do! :slight_smile: Google Translate works in seconds: “I think it’s a very nice site. My compliments, tommg!” (It’s not 100% reliable, but good for getting the gist of things ^^.

Fantastic! I Authentically helpful , but some tones and sounds turn out to be too vague to comprehend.

That is very red. :smiley:

Just use the NO bottom at the bottom of the page to rate the sentence’s usability, and sooner or later they will be weeded out if enough users report it.

I’ve tried some french, but the speakers have not only a strange pronunciation, the sound quality is not good for some sentences too.

Can you give me an example? I learned French a while ago but I’m still able to understand most of the sentences and they sound fine to me.