New feature request: grouping and multiple examples in pane


I’ve been trying to improve my intermediate Turkish with LingQ for the past couple of months. I’ve go to the point where some of my LingQs are actually grammatical variations of the same verb or noun. In Turkish, for example, all the words


are forms of the same verb, sevmek.

As a feature request for LingQ, I’d like to be able to somehow group these LingQs together, and have all their example sentences show up in the dictionary pane when I’m working on a text. So far I’ve tried doing something similar with tags (adding the root form of each LingQ as a tag for that LingQ), but first of all, that doesn’t make them any more visible when I’m working on a text, and second, if I carry on like this then I’ll need thousands of tags, and I don’t know if the system was designed to support that.

It doesn’t have to be very sophisticated since I can do the grouping and create the headword. But some way to group these words together, from within both the dictionary pane and the vocab list, would be really useful. Turkish isn’t the only language like this, after all.

Hi @zbrntt - thanks a lot for your feedback and suggestion. Although we are not planning to implement it immediately, it is on our list for future updates and improvements.