New Feature - Grammar Resources, Linked Verb Tags

In our recent LingQ member survey, one of the most popular requests was for more grammar explanation. Well, you asked so we delivered…!

Actually,… this has been in the works for a while, but, we’re glad we’re delivering what you want!

Grammar Resources
We just pushed a Grammar Resource for many of our most popular languages. There are still a few more to come. These are simple grammar resources explaining the core elements of the language. A handy resource you can refer to and use to remind yourself of different grammar elements as you use LingQ.

You can find the Grammar Resource under the Help “?” icon in the top right corner of the web site. This link should also be coming soon to both of our mobile apps.

Linked Verb Tags
To help make it easy to find the verb related grammar explanations in the new Grammar Resource we have also linked all automatic verb tags to the appropriate section in the Grammar Resource. This means that when you click the tag “verb” you will be taken to the section that talks about verbs.

If you click a particular verb tense tag, you will go to that specific tense in the resource. Finally, if you click on the tag showing the root/infinitive form of the verb, you will go to the verb conjugation table for that verb.

We hope these updates will come in handy as you try to get familiar with the grammar and verb tenses in your new languages. Give the new grammar guide a try and let us know what you think! And, if you have suggestions for how to improve the guides or even want to contribute to help make them better or add grammar guides in other languages, please let us know.


Thanks, Mark. I think it’s a great addition, and I’ll use it.

A little cleanup might be needed, though. In the Russian grammar resource there appear to be occasional extraneous markup characters that shouldn’t be there, such as instances of {% and %} and ‘%{ trans"’, e.g. They haven’t caused me any problems, but you’ll want to get that tidied up.