New English Podcasts with Richard from England

I continue to cooperate with Riichard Coombes from England in creating new English podcasts for
This time I can offer for all English learners two new ones.
The first podcast is the English vershion of my article ‘An ethnic Profile of Russian Man’:
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And the second one is an interesting Richard’s story about Wales:



We were standing atop Bray Head in Ireland some distance south of Dublin, and I thought I could see distant land on the horizon. Then a local woman remarked that she could see Wales. My wife heard the woman and immediately started scanning the Irish Sea, saying, “Whales? I don’t see any whales. Where are the whales?”

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Yes, there are a lot of English words which have the same pronunciation: sea-see, meet- meat etc. They have a certain difficulty for the learners.
But I see that sometimes they are difficult to undersrand for the native speakers as well.

And here is our conversation about such a difficult topic - TERRORISM:

As a Scot, I’m kind of disappointed that most of the rest of the English-speaking world has lost the w / wh pronunciation distinction. Could save everyone a lot of this sort of hassle :slight_smile:

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In this interview Richard tells about his latest trip to Russia in May 2017 and his visit to the new Eltsin centre in Yekaterinburg:

Here is the English translation of my article about ‘RUSSIAN PENSIONERS’ made and read by Richard Coombes.
For those who are interested in the topic here is the link:

Here is an English version of my article about Emperor Nikolai I who is IMO very similar to our today’s president V. Putin.

And here is the second part of the article about Emperor Nikolai I: