New english content at the library!

Hi guys,

I’ve shared at Lingq library some interesting English contents. These contents are really great to practice your listening and reading, but they are much better for those who like the British accent. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed it!!!

Here are the links for these contents in the library:

Did you get the permission to share this copyrighted material? If you did, that’s a good addition to the library!

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valeu rodrigo! é bom escutar o ingles britanico de vez em quando, já que somos acostumados só com filmes americanos :slight_smile:

Hi Rodrigo
You should check the sound files, I tried 3 of them and the sound is not good, there are a lot of hiccups and I can’t understand a thing.

Devia verificar os ficheiros de som, pois não se consegue perceber nada, está aos soluços.

@mfr: Can you tell which ones you listened to? Then I can fix them!!!

Hey guys,
If you see any problems in the mp3 files, please tell me and I’ll try to fix it!!!

ouvi Accidents, Actors, Advertising e Advice, desses 4 só Advertising estava bom. não tentei os outros.
I listened to Accidents, Actors, Advertising and Advice, and only Advertising was ok, I didn’t try the others.

Ok, I’ll fix them!!

Accidents, Actors, Airport, Alcohol, almost all lessons beginning with A, C, etc. etc.

I’ve fixed the Lessons that start with letter A.

Here is the link for them:

Is it better now?

The 1st four are perfect now!


Fernanda, Have you listened to the others?

Not yet, only the first 4 lessons.

Strange thing, but “Advertising” is not working for me at all. Other “A” lessons seem to be OK.

That’s really good!!! Then I’ll continue fixing the other lessons and if you see any other problem with the lessons, please tell me!!!

They are all working for me now; good resources indeed!