New Easy Spanish collection!

Hi there!

We have just released another collection for our Easy Spanish series. This one is called EASY SPANISH (COLOUR). They consist in short sentences related to one specific colour for each lesson. They are A2 level (beginner 2) and they are read almost at a NATURAL SPEED. Right now there are 18 lessons, but we have already prepared 30 lessons, so the remaining 12 lessons will be coming soon!

Link: Easy Spanish - (COLOUR) - LingQ Language Library

We hope you enjoy them!

Hi there!

We have just realeased a couple of new collection for our Easy Spanish series for mastering the verbs. This time in CONDITIONAL for A1 and A2 (Beginner 1 and 2).

There are the conditional forms of our basic collection of lessons. Right now you can find these 10 lessons in present, imperfect, preterite and now also in conditional. We have already prepared the future version that will be realeased very soon.

We are also preparing an Entermediate 1 (B1) version of some of these lessons, mixing verb tenses and adding new vocabulary and structures.

Here you have the links for the conditional collections:

EASY SPANISH (CONDITIONAL) A1: Easy Verbs - (CONDITIONAL) A1 - LingQ Language Library

EASY SPANISH (CONDITIONAL) A2: Easy Verbs - (CONDITIONAL) A2 - LingQ Language Library

Enjoy!! :wink: