New Courses Feature

You may have already noticed the new Courses shelf in the library. Thanks to those of you who made this suggestion. We are hoping Courses will provide a little structure for our members as they try to choose lessons to study. This is the first in a series of changes we are going to make to improve our library for everyone. We hope we can get your help.

The idea is simple. Any member of LingQ will have an opportunity to group any lessons they choose together in a Course. These courses will be displayed in the newly created Courses shelf.

Courses could be for beginners, on grammar, on pronunciation, or on specific subjects like, history, literature, cooking, business etc… We have started creating some courses. We are looking forward to seeing more courses created by our members. Thank you for your help.

To create a Course of your own, follow the steps below.

* Go to the Import page under Lessons and then click “Import Course”.
* Ensure you’re in the correct language then click “Continue”
* Add a Title, Description and Image and click “Save”.
* Add the lesson location (url's) for the lessons you want to add to your course. You can add any lessons you like, no matter the provider. You can find the lesson url in the following two ways:
      o Open the collection popup in the library and right click on the “Open” button for the lesson you want. You will be able to save the link url. 
      o If you are not in the Libraryview but are on the collection page instead, right click on the lesson title or Take or Open button and save the link url.

* Return to your Course and paste those url's into the lesson fields.
* Make sure to click “Save” at the bottom.

Your Course will now appear on the Courses shelf of the library.

Hi. A while ago, we add courses offered on LingQ and some tutors and I created some. Mine are still actual and it is possible to find them at this place :
I am pleased of the changes you made and that courses will be easier to find on the shelf of the library but my question is do I have to recreate my courses on the library, or have you the possibility to switch them to that new location? Thanks.

Sorry, Marianne, you will have to recreate your courses the new way. The old course system was quite a bit different. However, the new system should go quite quickly if you have one tab in your browser open to the library and another open to the course creation page.

Ok Mark, I’ll do it. Thanks :slight_smile:

If a course does not contain any lessons, it should not appear in the library’s courses list.

We’ll work on making that happen, hape.