New courses are not visible

I have a wierd problem today for the very first time. I imported articles, created a new course, but it never showed up in “My lessons/courses” tab. If I click “import new…” then the courses show up in the scrolling list. (as in to add a new lesson to already existing course) The lessons from those courses also show up in the “last accessed/recent lessons” list, but if they do not show up there because I opened some other courses, then I cannot simply find my new course anywhere. I tried to edit the course by accessing them from my recent lesson, I removed it, added it again. Nothing seems to work. I imported new book just to create a new course to check if it works but it also did not show up. Did anybody else have this issue and knows how to solve it?

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Thanks for reporting the issue. I’ll let our development team know and they will investigate it further.

I had the issue about a month ago with an ebook I imported. However this past week and weekend I was able to create new course/lessons. Two, in fact. I did these from the normal “Import lesson” (I was cutting and pasting rather than using the lingq extension). These ones have been appearing in “My lessons”

So it may be that there are only certain “paths” if importing that are not adding the course to the latest “my lessons.”

Thank you for your comment, I will try it out! Two of the courses I have tried to create popped up today but the rest is still missing. It is quite random at this point what shows up and what doesn’t.

This should work properly now. Please check and confirm. Thanks!

Yes, I checked, my new courses show up. Thank you for help :smiley:

The same thing is happening to me today. I created a number of lessons, added them into some existing courses, but some lessons show and others don’t. Incredibly confusing.

Sorry about that. They should definitely show in the course list if you added them to a course. What about in My Lessons when you have the Newly Imported sort selected.

They have begun to show up today. I did import a lot and also moved existing lessons into new and different courses yesterday, so I’m figuring it’s just taking some time. 90% of what I did yesterday is now sorted. I’ll be back if there’s a problem with the remaining 10%. Thanks so much for reaching out!