New Contents form Historias de la Historia

I’m literally falling in love with the spanish podcast Historia de la Historia. Unfortunately only few episodes are here on LingQ with a transcript. I would like to have these three episodes added, if possible

We have the permission to use all of his material. We had a number of episodes transcribed, but have not continued doing so. If you or someone will transcribe them, you can share them in our library.

Hi adalberto, I’ll try to transcribe one of these and then maybe the rest. I’m not familiar with uploading lessons here, but I can send you the transcript for you to upload if you don’t mind. We’ll catch up later on Skype!

It seems that Historias de la historia is really a collection of radio programs recorded by a man, now dead, called Juan Antonio Cebrian. I’ve found a book of him, “Pasajes de la historia” , which should contain the transcripts for about 25 or more episodes of the series. However, the book was 544 pages long (for just 25 episodes!), so I asked the publishers whether it contained only the transcripts (which I care about), or other stuff in addition (which I do not care about). I’m waiting for a reply. Is here someone who has got the mentioned book?