New content tweeting to SwedishLingQ

I shared a new lesson yesterday in Swedish and chose for it to be tweeted. The tweet didn’t work (nothing happened). Are they subject to moderation? The same happened for Russian.

Also, do the twitter accounts now replace the monthly emails “New Lessons on LingQ”?

Hi Keke,
I am sorry to hear that. I will check with our development team about sharing lessons on twitter and will let you know as soon as they respond. Thanks for letting us know about it!

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Hi Keith,
We weren’t able to reproduce this issue, it works fine for us. Would you please chech it again?

That doesn’t make sense. Why would one have to sign in to one’s own Twitter account?

I shared a lesson a few days ago and it showed up on @FrenchLingQ without any problem.

My mistake, I am not using twitter, so I wasn’t sure enough how sharing works before I checked it with our developers. Anyway, this seem to work fine for us, and if you were able to share your lesson on @FrenchLingQ, then it seems like there’s no issues here.

I added a new lesson yesterday for Russian and chose to tweet it, but nothing has shown up a day later.

The lesson is here:

Is there a review process, or should it go direct to Twitter?

It should appear on @RussianTwitter right after sharing. I’ve just sent you an email with more questions about this issue. Please take a look at it when you got a chance.

OK, let’s continue by email.