New Content to Help You Take a Big Step Forward

At a certain point we all need to move on from beginner lessons made specifically for new learners of the language to real, interesting material. Here are a few new courses that help with the transition.

  • Italian🇮🇹 learners can watch new episodes of Radar Podcast (Login - LingQ), an advanced discussion of difficult topics like war and philosophy. Definitely a poignant subject given the events of the last year.
  • Chinese🇨🇳 (simplified) learners can check out Travel in China, (Login - LingQ) an intermediate podcast about… you guessed it, travelling through the various historical regions of the country.
  • English🇨🇦 learners can go through Reading Challenge (Login - LingQ), a lower-intermediate collection of texts on a wide variety of subjects. There really isn’t much rhyme or reason to the subjects here, but they all use words that you’re going to need if you want to become fluent in English.
  • Beginner Spanish🇲🇽 learners (Ok, not every course is advanced this week) can look at the African Storybook (Login - LingQ), a public domain collection of stories made in Canada. These stories have been translated into a number of languages and were created to help introduce Canadian language learners to new peoples.
    Every week we have far too much new content to mention in a single post. Check out the What’s New shelf in your language for a full view of what our users have added.