New Content Need Help... What do I do?

I’ve written something for beginners in English that I’d like to add. I don’t have a microphone or other native speakers around me so I can’t record it. Basically I want to know where to submit it and if there’s someone I can ask to record it for English learners. I hope that maybe our French and German native speakers would do it in their languages, because this is the kind of stuff I’d prefer to read at the beginner level. So where do I go?

It’s called Intrigue, it’s about spies and politics, it’s a little campy but still fun for beginners I think.

Hi Chris,
I cannot understand your idea exactly. You wrote, you have written something in English for beginners - but, when I could correct understand, you are not a native speaker, isn’t it?

I think it is difficult to ask another for doing the work - eventually correcting and then the audio - and you want to be the provider.

The best way would be to have a tutor here in LingQ. With a tutor you could do the correction and he or she would eventually help you with the audio.

If you want to bring articles in LingQ you should look for a headset - you would need it by working with a tutor in Skype too.
And you are able to upload Audacitiy - a program for producing the audio as mp3 file.

You can believe me, it is not too difficult, I learned it too and I am not a hero in PC.
And after the first steps you will see it makes fun!

The next is, if you have a headset and Audacity you are able to record your voice for controlling your own pronunciation.
I do this more often and I cannot speak correctly but when I hear my voice I am able to recognize what is wrong.

I think it is a good idea for members to work together to create content. However, as Irene says, it is important that the content be written in a natural and native like way. I think the first thing is to see the content. It may give some of our members and idea of the kind of beginner material that some of our members are looking for.

Well I’m American. I just live in Poland. I don’t have other native speakers available. I’ve done this 1)to help the community and 2)because I had hoped we could get the French and German teachers to eventually translate and record it. What I’ve written so far is in the same vein of the ‘Who is she?’ series on here, where it’s short and serialized and simple. That series has been great help to me, what I want is, to do my part and help the English side (which I’m sure has a lot of content already, but I speak English so that’s what I can help with) and hope that some of this stuff will be translated like the ‘Who is she’.

I know how to use audacity and everything else but I’m in a bind as far as recording for it, but I enjoy writing things like this. So that’s where I am, I’m not sure where to upload it on the site though for people to check, I suppose the import button will do, but how do I lead people to it and who are some regulars on here that might record it for English learners?

Sorry for the double post, but this is what I have. If it’s worth it to continue then I will. I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to paste this. Again, I’m just writing the kind of stuff I’d like to work with:

Intrigue Part 1 (Beginner)

In a cafe in Prague.
Man in White: Hello.

Man in Black: Hello. It’s too bad we’re on opposite sides.

Man in White: We could have worked together and been a great team.

Man in Black: Does the good guy always where white?

Man in White: It depends on which color you’re wearing.

Man in Black: You’re safe here in Prague. I won’t do anything.

Man in White: I already know I’m safe, but you might not be.

Intrigue Part 2 (Beginner)

Two politicians at a press conference speaking into the camera.

President: I’d like to welcome the Prime Minister to our country. We hope to bring our two countries together and settle our past differences.

Prime Minister: Our two countries have to come together to promote peace in the world. Our cultures and our people have much to offer each other.

President: We will work together to make a better world. We will work together to find middle ground between us.

Prime Minister: The world knows of our past, but the world can now see that his country and my country only want the best.

Intrigue Part 3 (Beginner)

Man in Black is spying on the Man in White with his assistant, who is taking notes.

Man in Black: He’s going into a shop.

Assistant: What kind of shop?

Man in Black: It’s a pharmacy.

Assistant: Can you see what he’s buying?

Man in Black: Probably medicine, maybe something to create a poison.

Assistant: I just got a text message from the home intelligence saying that the Man in White has a plane ticket booked to Paris. Should I book us on a flight?

Man in Black: Yeah book it, looks like we’re going to Paris.

Assistant: Maybe we’ll have time to see the Louvre?

Man in Black: Perhaps, I’ve never been there during regular hours.

Intrigue Part 4 (Beginners)
The President and the Prime Minister in a private room.

President: How’s your wife and children?

Prime Minister: No time for small talk. We must talk about the problem immediately.

President: Which problem? We have a lot of problems.

Prime Minister: You know which problem. The most urgent problem that involves both of our countries.

President: I haven’t been informed of any new problems between our countries.

Prime Minister: You’re lying Mr. President.

President: I never lie, but I also never tell the truth.

Prime Minister: I see you’ve read my book.

Intrigue Part 5 (Beginners)
The Man in White is speaking with someone on the phone.

Man in White: Yes, yes… We’ll meet at the restaurant on the Eiffel Tower.

Man on phone: I hear that’s a tourist trap.

Man in White: Well, I’m not a tourist, are you?

Man on phone: No, I used to live in Paris, I guess I’m not a tourist either. When did you live in France?

Man in White: I’ve spent enough time in France to say it’s my home country.

Man on phone: Do you have a home country?

Man in White: The world is my home. What’s your name by the way?

Mr. Johnson: You can call me Mr. Johnson. What’s your name?

Man in White: For today, my name is just Mr. White.

Looks great Blindside! I like stories and there are never enough available for beginners in any language.

I need someone to record them then. Then we need someone to do them in other languages so they can be useful to me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

They’ll each be only about 30 seconds…


I suggest that you find out about how to record them yourself or with a friend. As to whether others want to translate them and record them in other languages, that will depend on other members. We certainly can always use more beginner content and having the same content in different languages is a good idea.

You might want to correct the misspelling of “wear” in the third line of the first dialogue and check for other errors. All in all it is best if you control the production yourself. Once we have it up in English, this might motivate others. On the other hand others may prefer to create their own.

Good eye. Hate it when I make typing mistakes like that. I’ll try to do it myself, but I’ll have to do both voices :(…

Thanks guys…

Hi blindside70.

Your story looks awesome!

Best of luck finding someone to record it with!

It’d be great to have this translated to other languages as well! :smiley:

Thanks, I’m probably going to have to hit up a friend of mine in the states and then just do the editing…

Hi Chris,
I think this a nice and interesting idea for a story. I hope you could record it. I would like to have it in German too, but I have only the voices of one man, two woman and a child to record things in German. I think a story is more interesting if you have more characters, but it is difficult to produce it with so much voices.