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I saw that there aren’t too much portuguese content in the library. That’s why I have shared two contents in the library. The links are :
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Hi, gentlemen.

I have shared two Portuguese contents in the library (Brazilian accent). The links are:

O Alienista, de Machado de Assis (The Psychiatrist is a tragicomic literary piece on madness, scientism and power. It follows the scientific efforts of Dr. Simão Bacamarte, a prominent Portuguese physician whose obsession for discovering a universal method to treat and consequently cure mental disturbs drives the inhabitants of the small town of Itaguaí to fear, conspiracy and revolutionary attempts. In a short space of time, Bacamarte’s madhouse passes to take inside of its walls not only mentally ill patients but also healthy citizens who, according to the doctor’s diagnoses, are about to develop some sort of mental illness. The Psychiatrist stands out as a highly ironic critic to the arbitrary of Scientism and its influence on cultural and political matters).


Camões (1524-1580) is considered Portugal’s greatest poet, and Os Lusiadas, his masterpiece. Published in 1572, this epic poem in ten cantos sings of the deeds of the Portuguese in their warfare and overseas discoveries, in an exalted vision of wonder, grandiloquence and moving patriotism. Once the obvious obstacles to the modern reader are surmounted, such as arcane mythological references or mentions to lesser known historic passages and characters, the modernity of this work may be surprising, and the author’s persona emerges in his unique, concrete and admirable geniality. The strength of his diction and the beauty of his verses simply defy words.

Hi, gentlemen.

I have shared other Portuguese contents in the library (Brazilian accent). The link are:

Os Escravos, por Antonio Frederico de Castro Alves - LingQ Language Library Os escravos (poemas)

Antônio de Castro Alves (1847-1871) was the last of the prominent romantic poets of Brazil. He is best known for his poetic campaign in behalf of freedom for African slaves.