New computer is needed

I need a new computer, not only for learning but this computer should also be suitable for gaming … Can anyone help?

You might want to ask in a gaming forum. Learning will work on any PC. As for gaming it depends what kind of games you are going to play. Solitaire and chess will work on any PC but I doubt The Sims 4 will.

Depends on what you want. I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 14. It’s a laptop and it has discrete graphics (Nvidia GeForce 940M) and it does okay for games for being a laptop.

Not to mention, the tablet mode makes it fun for LingQing.

You don’t need anything fancy for LingQ. If you want something for gaming (I’m assuming you’re talking about laptops here), there are gaming laptops, but they’re heavy.

Hi there, if you want gaming 3d shooting games take any pc with good performance, if you need more informations about this topic, you can look here: it’s helpful ! regards

Even though it is none of my business, I would like to advise you that you buy two computers, that is, one for learning and the other for gaming in case you are less addicted to learning than gaming. Different activities demand different environments.