New colour

I am studying Spanish. It’s quite difficult for me because of the verbs which we have to conjugate. I know it is the same in French, but when I learnt English of course I didn’t have this problem. So it would be very interesting in my case ( but I think that many people are in the same case) to be able to emphasize a point. It’s hard to explain. I would like to have an other colour than blue ( unknown words) and yellow ( verbs in the vocabulary list) to emphasize some words. For example I would like to put in…green for example, the form of the verbs 'estar" for example. So that it would be easier for me to recognize then when I read it.

Could it be possible?

That’s a great idea Cecile

I hope I 'll be technicaly possible. It’s sure it will help me a lot!

I am not in favour of introducing more colours on our lessons page.

I would suggest that you use Tags for things that you find difficult. If you save different forms of a verb like “estar”, or create phrases with them, or any other words or patterns that you find difficult, you can then tag them and review them in lists and flash cards.

As for me, I would like to have another new color for the unknown words which I can not write by hand. It means that they are known words (passive words) but non-active words.

So it is a nice idea to add another new color for second unknown words.

We are reluctant to add complexity to our functionality. We are trying to make it easier to understand and use. Most people do not use all the functionality that we have.

Hi Steve, Yes I know that a lot of Lingqers don’t know all the option of LingQ, I am one of them I think. However I think it could help a lot of person to have if desired a third colour to inlight particular point. It seem for me necessary. Before asking you that I have already tried to tag the forms of the verb SER, but it is not enough.

I hope there will be enough people to convince you :wink:

Please put it up in the getsatsifaction list. It is something for the future. Maybe a flag or something that you would click on the LingQ widget and would then appear in the lesson or wherever the word appeared.